5 Things To Do in Medan

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  1. Soak in a hot spring at the foot of a volcano
    To soak off most of that travel tiredness, I really suggest a dip in one of the hot springs at the foot of Mount Sibayak. The warm sulfur water may relieve rheumatism and help you de-stress. The odor of bad eggs and the entry fee of S$0.30 is a small price to pay to get a spa experience encompassed by nature.
    We soaked in the soothing heat of the spring, with the smoking summit of Mount Sibayak from the background.

    2. You might get to see that an orangutan in the wild
    Bukit Lawang is the Medanese version of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. An orangutan rehabilitation center, Bukit Lawang was started to reintroduce captive orangutans to the wild. If you’re lucky, you can observe the red-haired primates in their natural habitat through meal times.
    We weren’t that lucky as it was fruiting season along with the orangutans had lots of food in their natural forest habitat. We did see long-tailed macaques among other fauna and flora.
    For a higher opportunity to see wildlife such as Sumatran tigers, you might wish to take a week-long trek into the forest.

    3. Dine from the river in a wooden bungalow
    Bukit Lawang has many cosy restaurants and guest houses lining the river. We dined at Sam’s Bungalow, next to the lush forest and running river. Even though the food is adequate, the real draw is the resort-style texture of the entire dining experience.
    You may also join the locals for a leisurely swim at the Bahorok river. It’s their version of your neighbourhood swimming pool.

  2. Eat Decent durian at mad prices
    I’m an enormous fan of durian so imagine my excitement when my guide told me that Things To Do in Medan is famous for its durian. The best durian we’d cost us S$5 for 2 entire durians! The taste of Medanese durians is milder compared to the Malaysian or Thai durians we are used to. It’s less acidic and has a lighter-coloured whitish flesh.
    It tastes something like durian flavoured custard cream. Which implies that you could keep going without even feeling “jelat”. I finished an entire durian on my own.  Oops.

    5. The bar and cafe scene is growing rapidly
    Kick back with drinks at District 10, a mod restaurant and bar in central Medan in which you may enjoy a good variety of beer and spirits going at very reasonable prices.
    The cafe scene is also growing quickly. You may get good kopi luwak at a classy colonial atmosphere at Wak Noer.
    The cosy cafe serves up comfort nosh like all-day American breakfast and mee goreng.